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Meet Greg Charanduk

Greg is the founder of Realized Purpose. passionate about sharing his personal story of real tragedy. Greg has experienced clinical depression, extreme anxiety, felt suicidal for ten months, was left for dead. His situation became so extreme that he asked his wife, Sheila, to forgo him and write him off to the full time care of institutional mental living.

About Greg

This was the result of Greg not understanding his purpose or realizing his potential, and in business, thinking he had to live in the shadow of someone else’s expectation for his life. This set him on the wrong road, swamped in the toxicity of selfish corporate businesses, caught in a system which begets personal insecurity and low self-esteem. All of this resulted in Greg almost ending his own life at 44 years of age, leaving a young wife and his beautiful children alone.

He was on the road of clinical depression and to committing “SUICIDE” literally at the end of a rope.

Greg is very transparent and authentic about what he has experienced. He now has a purpose and passion for having an impact on humanity with his story through the Life Lessons shared in his book. He speaks of how his tragedy became a triumph for his family and for him personally.

Greg is married to his wonderful wife of 29 years, Sheila. Together they have two beautiful children Isaiah and Faith. They live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, just north of Seattle (for all those that live in America). Greg’s passion is sharing this message of hope to the world through his life story. Greg also offers life and business coaching, sharing what he has learned with you, so that you can lead a more fulfilled life and run a more fruitful business.

Greg has spoken to audiences around the world, and to thousands individually. In his talks he shares how he found purpose in his personal life and how to live that out with passion in life and your business. He also gives talks on productive business building, and success in life, family and faith. He continues to impact humanity and change lives around the world every day of his life.

It is Greg’s life mission to assist and help people just like you to finally breakthrough in any area of your life be it personal or professional.

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