Want to find your life purpose and reignite your passion in life and in business? There’s no use looking externally for a quick fix. It’s time to be brave and step up to the mirror. Liberate yourself of the expectations of others and find out who you really are and what you really want. In this article, I want to share with you the importance of treating yourself with kindness and how by doing so, you’ll open yourself up to finding your purpose in life and in business.

We’re constantly told that we should make a good impression for our clients, our customers, and our investors. It’s also common knowledge that a good boss should value their team, listen to their concerns and build up their esteem. But what about showing up for yourself?

As we juggle being both the face of the business and the strong leader of the team, it’s easy to forget to take care of number one. Yes, we have these very important roles to play, but in time you’ll find that the less time you spend taking care of yourself, the harder it becomes to sustain the facade. You shouldn’t be wearing those roles like characters in a play, you should aspire to embody them. It’s all well and good being told to smile more, have open body language, nod along when talking to people, but unless you’re authentic, sooner or later something’s gotta give. How can anyone leave a good impression, or sell themselves as a strong leader if they don’t believe in themselves?

Long before the problems start manifesting in your business, you’ll start to notice them in your personal life, and the way you talk to yourself. Everyone knows the expression “you’re your own worst critic”, but I’d go so far as to say “you’re your own worst bully!” It’s almost an occupational hazard when you’re running your own business to take each minor setback personally. Instead of recognizing setbacks as an inevitable part of a learning process, we magnify each problem 100 times in our heads and insist it reveals some inherent flaw in our character: “You’re lazy”, “you’re a failure”, “you’re foolish for ever thinking this could work”, “you’re too impulsive”. Sound familiar? If it does, you seriously need to reassess your self-image and your self-worth. Maybe you’ve been told these things about yourself in the past, maybe not, but you urgently need to change how you talk about yourself before it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let’s take the word ‘lazy’. For starters, I don’t believe anyone is ‘lazy’.

I think people are driven either by the angel or the devil sitting on their shoulder. Consider the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: You wake up one morning and you’re lying in bed, and your internal monologue tells you ‘what’s the point of getting out of bed, you’ll never do anything anyway’

Scenario 2:  You wake up one morning, you’re lying in bed and you tell yourself ‘ok, yesterday wasn’t very productive, but today is a brand new day, I’m going to get a head start on my to-do list’.

What happens in both scenarios? What happens if we repeat the same scenario every morning for a week? A month? A year?

Your self-worth affects more than you think.

I can tell you because I’ve been there. Choosing the first monologue means lying in bed until the very last moment. It means not connecting properly with your family. It means dragging yourself to work, dreading the day ahead. It means disconnecting completely from things that once made you happy or gave you passion and determination. It means a grey cloud hanging over your head getting slowly bigger and bigger until you are suffocated by it. Choosing monologue number two is clearly the way to go, but we can’t artificially put that voice in our heads and cross our fingers that the first guy goes away. To truly liberate yourself takes time and determination and that’s hard to sustain when you’re doing it alone.

Freedom starts with you admitting how you feel about yourself to someone who can hold you accountable. In my work at Realized Purpose, we ask our clients to do some real soul-searching. Many of our clients are not used to confronting themselves or making themselves vulnerable. It seems that to open up to others about the way you talk to yourself requires a lot of bravery. To admit how we are feeling at our darkest point in life, to say those words aloud is something that should be lauded and respected, and yet somehow we expect ridicule we fear that no one will understand. In my sessions and in my book I open up about my own personal experience of severe depression. I too have felt very vulnerable opening up about my experiences, I didn’t know whether people would be able to empathize, or if they’d confirm my worst fears about myself. I know that it takes bravery.

Each case is different, but often we’re working from the ground up to build our clients’ self-esteem and self-worth. We have found that everyone has something to offer this world. Everyone has a God-given purpose to bring value to others. Identifying exactly what that is is a vital part of our work. It’s the difference between making someone better again and giving someone an amazing tool to go forward in life and keep thriving and thriving. Once you’ve found and defined your life purpose or your business purpose (often the 2 go hand-in-hand) you will have an unstoppable passion and a real reason to spring out of bed each morning. Never again will you question your self-worth, because you’ll know your significance in this world. Can you imagine waking up on a Monday morning excited for the week ahead? Pre-coffee?!?! Imagine walking through the door after a day at work and instead of bringing this negative energy, you embrace your partner and spend the evening really present with them. Because every part of your life is dictated by how you see yourself and therefore how you treat yourself and the people you love.

It’s my life’s purpose to help people like you. I want you to come out the other side just as I did. With my clients at Realized Purpose, I don’t just go through the processes like it’s some mundane job, I don’t just lumber you with extra tasks. I live my work, I’m truly passionate about your happiness, I listen to you and it matters to me personally that you find your purpose in life and business just as I did. We’ll work together to get you out of your rut, and find the real you, not your internal monologue’s idea of you! So let’s get started! Head over now to our ‘request a call’ form, fill in your details and we’ll begin with a complimentary, no-obligation “Discovery Call”. It’s a 20-30 minute personal phone consultation from me where together we’ll decide if we’re a good fit. I’m ready to hear your story, and whether or not we decide to proceed, this call will change the way you live your life and do business.

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