We’ve got things really mixed up. Completely back to front, topsy turvy, upside down. When we envisage the life we want to lead, we imagine living in a big house, with a beautiful family, no financial worries, fulfilled in our personal lives and in our work. But when we think of how we’re going to achieve those goals, most of us push through financial success. If I drive the desk till 2 am, if I get that next promotion, if I get that big investor, if I push through the next big marketing campaign, then the rest will follow. I’ll be happy.

If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. This is how most of us in the western world believe it works. Today, I want to help you reorganize your priorities. Give yourself a break from your previous assumptions on how life works, as I share with you some of my key revelations that will help you to reevaluate how you are working to reach your goals.

Revelation number 1: Procrastination is numbing behavior

NEWSFLASH: If you’re slogging away at a job you’re not passionate about and find yourself spending half your working day-dreaming about the weekend or scrolling through news sites and social media, or playing on your phone, that’s not a sign that you’re lazy.

It’s a sign that you haven’t found your place yet, your purpose. Have you ever seen a tiger at the zoo pacing back and forth, or a dolphin in a tiny aquarium swimming round and round? That’s not natural behavior, it’s a sign that they’re under-stimulated, stressed and they haven’t got the means to express themselves naturally. By pacing, or swimming in circles, or rocking back and forth the animal is comforting itself. Repetitive, unproductive behavior. In animals it’s called “zoochosis”, in the 21st-century human it’s called Candy Crush.

When you inadvertently find yourself scrolling mindlessly on your phone, that’s the caged tiger in you trying to comfort itself. But there’s some great news…you’re not a caged animal! You have the freedom to make choices and take the action necessary to finally lead the life you were meant to lead. You need to find your purpose.

Revelation number 2: The “Real You” is your greatest asset.

So now you know why you’re procrastinating, you have two options.

Option 1: You can Google “How to stop procrastinating”, or “Why am I a failure?”, read a bunch of articles that tell you to write to-do lists, read them all, maybe get some mild satisfaction from ticking off your daily chores, and then very quickly go back to doing your same job, conducting business in the same way.

Option 2: You can go deeper and tackle the problem at it’s source. Discover what really gives you passion and drive, find out what’s standing in your way, and create a plan to find your true purpose: and move forward as the real you. This option requires you to really invest in yourself. There is no quick fix, and if there was, we’d all know about it, but the rewards will come back to you tenfold, a hundredfold both financially and in your personal life.

Once you discover who you really are, there’s no stopping you. Like most people who follow the path expected of them, currently, you’re probably living your life at about 40-60% productivity. Imagine unlocking the rest of your potential?

And it’s not just your productivity that increases. By finally discovering who you are and what drives you, you will also achieve immense personal satisfaction. I’m so thrilled when my clients report back to me telling me how they’re making great profit in their business, but I’m most proud when clients tell me how they’ve realized their purpose in life, and the change it’s made in their happiness and their outlook on life. It makes sense that if you prioritize finding your true purpose, and getting the zest back in your life then the rewards will follow.

Revelation number 3: Change takes bravery

Choosing option 2 is clearly the right option, but it’s also the brave option. I’m extremely upfront with my clients that choosing to find your purpose will require you to really challenge some of the deeply held assumptions you have about yourself and the life you want. Not everybody is brave enough to take on that challenge. In one of my blogs entitled “Why it’s essential to be brave and vulnerable in life and business” I go into this in a lot more depth.

Change is scary, exploring your fears requires you to make yourself vulnerable, as a guy it’s particularly hard. I found my courage in realizing that I actually don’t have a choice. For me, it was more a case of do or die rather than fight or flight. Quite literally my life was on the line. You can read more about how I came to realize my purpose here. I don’t want or advise you to let it get to that stage. The sooner you act, the sooner you can lead your own life, be the master of your fate, unimpeded by other people’s expectations, or the lies you believe about yourself.

Revelation number 4: There are people that want you to succeed, and know that you can.

Every client I’ve ever had at Realized Purpose has impressed me. They’ve all done what most will never do: address that something’s not working, that they’re not happy or fulfilled, and seek to change it. I believe in you the second we start working together.

We’ll work together through the actionable program we’ve created at Realized Purpose, find out where you’re stuck in life and help you get unstuck so that you can move forward into living the life you were put on this earth to lead.

Yes, you will see financial profits, but what will help you get there is realizing what drives you. Sometimes it’s the simplest change of perspective that can mean the difference between success and failure. Sometimes, we have to work really hard to unseat the problems. Each case is as different as the person, and I can’t wait to help you find out who you are.

Option 2 starts with a free, no-obligation 20-30 minute “Discovery Call” where we’ll talk one on one to see if we’ll be a good fit working with each other. Fill in the “Request a Call” form and we’ll get to making a change in your business and personal life. Just making this call might be all you need to change your perspective and start living your life more authentically.

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