As kids, bravery is sold to us as something dressed in armor. In stories the monsters are external foes that need to be battled. Against enemies you need to keep your head held high and God forbid you show any vulnerability. As we grow up, this idea of what it means to be brave morphs into cold stoicism, we can never admit when we’re not doing so well, or reach out to someone if we’re struggling. We go into board meetings with fixed smiles. At dinner parties, we never let on when times are tough. I’m sure you know the feeling.

It’s time to check in on what it actually means to “be brave” in our society. What are most people afraid of today? Well I can tell you: failure, rejection, never realizing your purpose in life. These bogey-men are internal, and it’s harder to confront them because to do so means looking within ourselves and asking some serious, personal questions. Most people are too afraid to go there, preferring to stay in their comfort zone. But what happens if you choose comfort over bravery?
Now if you’re fortunate you stay exactly where you are, never realizing your purpose, your true potential. And that’s the absolute best case scenario. Left unchallenged the monsters don’t go away. They fester and grow until you become the failure you feared you’d be. It manifests in your personal life and in your business.

“By being brave, you make yourself vulnerable.”

Being brave means facing your fears and going ahead regardless. In the process, yes, you make yourself vulnerable, you take the leap. It’s one of those cruel paradoxes that in order to achieve a happy, contented life you have to put yourself out there. There’s no easy way around it, and anyone trying to sell you a comfortable fix-all solution that doesn’t challenge you personally is, frankly, a crook. You can’t cover up deep-rooted problems in your business with a new marketing campaign, any more than you can fix your marriage by buying a new sofa. You need to go deeper. Show your vulnerability, and it does, it WILL pay off in the long run.

You don’t need to pretend that everything is ok anymore. You’ll see that happiness can be found in being honest with yourself about yourself. You’ll find that success is found after acknowledging that times are tough, being kind to yourself and moving forward instead of beating yourself up and burying yourself in pointless tasks. Real success in business and in your personal life is yours for the taking should you choose it.

It’s vulnerable being brave.

So who are you? What do you choose?

Here’s some excellent news for you. We already know that you have what it takes to be more than mediocre, to achieve real success. As a business owner you have already faced the fear of failure and rejection before. When you started your business, you did what many can never do, you chose to be brave. You made yourself vulnerable for a chance at real success.

You were on the path to something greater, to realized purpose, to success. Maybe you detoured off the road along the way. Maybe faced with the reality of the challenge of running a business you became overwhelmed, and instead of facing your feelings you’re now running down a different path, in search of an easier life. You can run, but you know that sooner or later things are bound to catch up with you… unless you take action.

At Realized Purpose we’ll help you turn around, identify those internal foes, face them front on, and battle them until you’re back on the road to success, to being the person you once knew you were. Through the actionable program we’ve created, we’ll help you rediscover that fire, that passion with which you started your business. Our programme is proven and you don’t have to take our word for it, we have testimonials from happy clients who have experienced real positive change for themselves. We believe you’re here for a reason, and the only way you’ll squander your chances of making an impact in this world and fulfilling your purpose is by failing to act now.
If you want to get right to making a change now, head straight to our ‘request a call’ form, fill in your details and we’ll get started with a complimentary, no-obligation “Discovery Call”. In this personal 20-30 minute phone consultation from me, we’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together. This call will change the way you do business and with just a pinch of my introductory advice, you may already start to see real change in your business whether or not we decide to proceed.

Congratulations, you’re already making a positive change in your life.

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